One of the most important skills for any professional person is the ability to influence others inside and outside the organization.
Very few people are born with the natural ability to always persuade others to say “yes.” Most of us need to develop our ability to influence others by
mastering the skills of persuasion, presentation, negotiation, and conflict management.

Behavioral Science Applied to a Business Context

The content of all of our influence skills programs is based on findings from behavioral science research, applied to a business context.
For each program we design, we conduct a thorough investigation of our clients’ business environments and the tools,
techniques, and processes that will provide participants the greatest chance of success in their efforts to influence others.
The results are workshops that train participants in skills that really work when they apply them to their influence goals.

Solutions to Practical Problems

Here are a few of the questions our workshops answer:

  • How do I quickly understand what motivates someone to commit to something?
    ●  How do I classify people by decision-making style and adapt my approach to each style?
    ●  How do I quickly connect with and engage my audience when I deliver a presentation?
    ●  What can I do before a meeting or a negotiation to greatly increase my chance of success?
    ●  If a negotiation is going badly, what can I do to rescue it?
    ●  How can I turn a destructive conflict into a positive result?
    ●  How does understanding culture help me be a more effective communicator?

Our Menu of Influence Skills and Related Programs

All influence skills and related programs are customized to client needs. Most are two days in length. Participants are both individual contributors and managers.
Most programs offer an advanced level program for people who are already well-training in a particular skill area.

What follows is a partial list of programs. If you do not see what you need on the list, we will work with you to build the program that you need.