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True Development is a full-service training and coaching company based in Taipei, Taiwan. We work in close partnership with each of our clients to design and deliver training and coaching solutions that fit their needs. Our values demand that we do everything—proposals, customer service, content design, training and coaching delivery—to the highest standards in the industry. We work hard to make our HR partners successful and treat each stakeholder like a VIP.


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    自 2011 年, True Black 成為我的 coach. True 幫助我提升 Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Delegation Skills, and Emotional Intelligence. 也幫助我帶領公司的團隊提升Decision Making 的主動意識.

    • Daniel Huang
    • CEO , ALi Corporation
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    True Development 能夠傾聽並願意深入了解客戶的問題,為客戶提供獨特、貼近需求的訓練課程

    • Jully Hu
    • HR Manager, Advantest Taiwan
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    True 以流利的中、英文及幽默輕鬆的授課態度,讓參訓同仁在輕鬆的環境下學習,並提供為我們企業量身訂作的演練腳本,也讓參訓同仁都帶著豐碩的成果結訓。

    • 采盟
    • 人力資源部/訓練 Training Executive
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    • Warlas Hsieh
    • HR Manager , Astellas
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    True Development inspires our employees’ enthusiasm by developing them into more innovative, confident and empowered individuals.

    • Winnie Liao
    • Site HR Business Partner, Flex
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    I got highly positive feedback from many participants in person. This is for sure the program achieved my goals.

    • Selina Weng
    • Senior VP, Cathay Financial Holdings
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    True Development created a highly customized training program that delivered value to all participants.

    • Gil Briman
    • VP Asia Pacific, Mellanox